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Sony spray-ads draw anger

PSP targets 'urban nomads'.

Sony is copping some flack, as they presumably say in whatever corner of the world it was that gave us that hideous expression, having admitted it's responsible for spray-painting walls with cutesy images of big-headed children playing with PSPs as part of a guerrilla marketing effort.

As we reported last week, the pictures have appeared in places like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Miami, courtesy of Sony's ad agency. Wired has Sony spokeswoman Molly Smith saying that the company's targeting "what we consider to be urban nomads, people who are on the go constantly". Nomads with enough money to afford the mandatory Gigapack bundle, presumably.

You will also buy two games.

Photos of the campaign in action can be found on Flickr, while Wired draws attention to the likes of the one we have here, which demonstrate a certain amount of unrest from folks disappointed at having their street-culture invaded by this sort of thing.

Cynics of course might point out that it'd be just as easy to daub a few of your own culturally invasive guerrilla marketing efforts with derisory slogans to try and coax a reaction out of the likes of us as to let them stand on their own. But we wouldn't really want to mention that, because we'd probably just look silly.

But hey, at least Sony's paying people for the use of their walls.