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Sony acquires Killzone dev

PSP instalment on the way.

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Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the acquisition of Guerrilla Games, developer of hit PS2 title Killzone, as part of a long term strategy to expand its development arm.

The two companies have already had a close working relationship for over a year - Guerrilla signed an exclusive development agreement with SCE in March 2004, and Sony went on to ship 2 million copies of Killzone worldwide.

The Amsterdam-based studio is now working on a PlayStation 3 instalment in the series, along with a Killzone PSP game.

SCE Worlwide Studios president Phil Harrison commented: "Guerrilla have a great combination of creative, technical and production talent in their team and we have enjoyed a close working relationship with their management and staff for a number of years."

"As we prepare for the launch of PlayStation 3 next year, this acquisition strengthens our development portfolio to take full advantage of the exciting entertainment opportunities provided by PSP, PlayStation 3 and beyond.”

Guerrilla MD Hermen Hulst added: "Sony Computer Entertainment - with its truly global presence, leading platforms and commitment to innovation - is an ideal partner for Guerrilla and we are delighted to take our existing relationship to the next level."

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