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SCI takes Overdose

Clarifies next-gen position.

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SCI Games has revealed that it has a new game called Overdose in development at an unnamed Scandinavian studio for release in 2005, and has also commented on next-generation consoles and online gaming services, as part of a strong financial report for the year ended 30th September 2004.

Details on Overdose will be revealed in the coming months. SCI's other 2005 titles include film tie-in Constantine, World War II-inspired Battlestations: Midway and a fourth game in the Conflict series.

The company also has games based on the Reservoir Dogs and Highlander films in development, along with a Carmageddon revival.

It also said that the majority of its products would be compatible with both Xbox Live and PS2 Online by summer 2005, although, in terms of next-generation formats, the publisher is unlikely to commit until either platform has a "commercially attractive" installed base.

For a more detailed rundown on SCI's financial statements, check in with our sister site here.

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