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Spawn: Armageddon goes gold

Namco's super-antihero title nearly here.

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Namco's comic book-based Spawn: Armageddon title has gone gold and will be released on PS2, Xbox and GameCube in the States very soon, and presumably in the near future over here in Europe.

Salvaged from the wreck of defunct publisher 3DO, Spawn: Armageddon "is about to raise a lot of eyebrows" according to producer Glen Cureton. "The close working relationship between the game's development team and Todd McFarlane Productions has ensure that Spawn: Armageddon not only lives up to the already successful Spawn comic franchise, but that it exceeds those high quality expectations in a way that only today's high-tech videogame technology is capable of doing," he said.

As you may recall, Namco has already announced that Spawn: Armageddon will introduce a new recurring character, Mammon, who will take a bigger role in the comic book itself from issue 133 onward. For more on that, see our previous coverage of the game.

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