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Moore talks 360 compatibility

With current-gen Xbox games.

Xbox corporate VP Peter Moore has revealed more details of backwards compatibility between Xbox 360 and Microsoft's current-gen console, including news that you'll be able to play some Xbox games straight off.

Speaking to US website GameInformer, Moore explained that Microsoft is developing a software emulator that works on a game-by-game basis.

"Each game is emulated and you know the issue with the GPU and the CPU," he said.

"The guys continue to pound through these games and the emulation is working well."

When asked if some Xbox games will be playable on the 360 straight out of the box, Moore replied: "Yeah. And that list will grow and grow and grow."

"We will probably be in a position in about two weeks to give you a list and that list will go up on Xbox.com. It will get updated as more and more games get through certification."

Moore said that you can expect downloadable updates as new games are added to the list after launch: "There will just be an auto-update that you may not even be aware that happens.

"Say Crimson Skies becomes backwards compatible. We will post an update on Xbox.com. We may even set up an email alert for people who are interested enough," he added.

Moore also confirmed Microsoft's continuing commitment to backwards compatibility - providing there's enough demand.

"After launch, we will continue to do it," he stated.

"Until consumers show lack of interest - then we will move on."

So, check back in two weeks to find out which games are on that list...