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Medal of Honor heads to PSP

With 32-player online modes.

Medal of Honor is coming to PlayStation Portable this winter with a new campaign drawing on familiar characters and the promise of 32-player online battles.

Borrowing a trick out of SOCOM PSP's repertoire, Medal of Honor Heroes will also offer a special customisable skirmish game mode in addition to a traditional single-player campaign.

The main idea will be to guide Jimmy Patterson (from Medal of Honor/Frontline) through a bit more of Operation Market Garden, Sergeant John Baker (Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough) on a mission to sabotage German defences on the Italian coast, and Lieutenant William Holt (Medal of Honor European Assault) as he returns to the Ardennes Forest during Battle of the Bulge.

As you go, you'll unlock as many as 20 "classic" MOH characters for use in multiplayer, which will be made up of six modes set across 15 maps, with online "infrastructure" support for up to 32 players and eight supported through ad-hoc connections.

Heroes is being developed by EA Canada and EA Los Angeles, and you can check out some screenshots elsewhere on the site.