Medal of Honor: Heroes

Medal of Honor: Heroes

Medal of Honor: Heroes

We can be heroes, just for one day.

As unreasonable as it might seem, I believe that I should be able to withstand at least a dozen bullets before I fall down, while enemies really ought to give up their ghosts after one neat shot to the head. I demand realism for others, and super-human powers for me. Got a problem with that?

Medal of Honor: Heroes' peculiar design allows you to maintain dignity and bodily organs for ludicrous amounts of lead, but then seems to offer the same supernatural skill to the AI enemies. As fair as that must sound, it's simply, well, not fair. I'm the hero, goddammit, not them. Let me be a hero!

It's a peculiar affair. Rather than fulfilling the PSP's curse of receiving a straight port, FPS Heroes has a brand new single-player campaign for the handheld, along with the series' trademark archive film footage of the wartime events. Reprising characters from previous MoH games, it's hard not to feel like these are the games' leftovers. Lt. Jimmy Patterson (MoH, Frontline) is back in Holland, Sergeant John Baker (Allied Assault Breakthrough) blasts through Italy, and Lt. William Holt (European Assault) is in the Ardennes Forests. Although for all the characterisation, they may as well be any old grunts.

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Medal of Honor heads to PSP

With 32-player online modes.

Medal of Honor is coming to PlayStation Portable this winter with a new campaign drawing on familiar characters and the promise of 32-player online battles.