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Settlers settling on DS

Later this year.

Ubisoft's bringing The Settlers to Nintendo DS.

Clearly not content simply having Blue Byte do up the second game in the series for its 10th anniversary, the company's also working on a stylus-driven version.

In it, you'll use the stylus as a replacement for the PC version's mouse, using it to zoom in and switch perspectives by tapping icons on the screen - or at least that's what the vague descriptions sound like.

You'll be able to help the Romans, Vikings, Nubians or Asians establish civilisations in Roman or World campaign modes, and there's also the promise of a skirmish-sounding Free Mode.

Further details will presumably follow - Ubisoft's been a bit quiet about it so far.

What we do know is that it's due out in Q4 over here - and Ubisoft will presumably be hoping for a bit more luck than others have had converting PC titles to DS. Like Zoo Tycoon. Shudder.

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The Settlers

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