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Total War spin-off targets consoles

Creative Assembly's Spartan: Total Warrior will appear on PS2, Xbox and Cube later this year from SEGA Europe, but it's not a strategy game.

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Creative Assembly, the UK based developer of the enormously successful Total War real-time strategy game series on PC, will attempt to extend the brand's reach later this year with a spin-off multiplatform console title published by SEGA Europe.

Spartan: Total Warrior - not Spartan: Total War as has been reported in some circles - will appear on PS2, Xbox and GameCube in September, and is a third-person action-adventure title that puts you on the frontlines of battle.

Creative Assembly aims to transfer the epic scope of its Total War titles to console and allow players to take enemies on single-handed, although the game will be an action title focused on "epic combat" rather than strategy.

The most obvious comparison is KOEI's Dynasty Warriors series, which pits players in the role of various generals fighting historic battles in third-person whilst also marshalling troops around them, although as yet there's no word on the specifics of Creative Assembly's Total Warrior.

The news of Total Warrior's impending arrival is also another boost for SEGA Europe's standing. Activision has previously published Creative Assembly's Total War titles.

A further announcement on the game is anticipated later this week.

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