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BloodRayne 2 trailer released

Gore blimey! (Sorry.)

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Majesco's Terminal Reality-developed BloodRayne may not have been the biggest success of 2003, flirting with outright mediocrity rather too often for most people's liking, but it certainly showed plenty of promise and the subject matter was ripe for a sequel. (And indeed a movie.)

Following on from October's BloodRayne 2 announcement, we now have an entertainingly grisly CG trailer to show off TRI's forthcoming vampfest. Available from 3D Gamers and weighing in at around 80MB, it's shows Ms. Rayne on a blood-soaked outing to a mansion somewhere, sliding down banisters with blades flailing and hanging off lamp-posts firing at rival vamps.

It's not clear how any of the CG footage fits in with what we already know about the game - that the game's heroine is working to prevent creation of a new vampire technology called The Shroud, which will render the sun's rays useless in the fight against the neck-sucking undead - but the "soft-body physics" are certainly in evidence, and Rayne's orgasmic feasting clearly remains. The sight of another, heavily tattooed ladyvamp with razor talons a bit like Yuriko Oyama in X-Men 2 is another interesting moment.

BloodRayne 2 is due out in October on PC, PS2 and Xbox.

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