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Geometry Wars goes mobile

Through Sony BMG, bizarrely.

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved - poster-child for Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade - is on its way to mobile phones.

Via Sony BMG of all people, the mobile version will arrive this autumn with new game modes. Developed by Hardcore3D Wireless with a bit of help from Bizarre, it's apparently been "faithfully" ported.

That's hard to imagine given the Xbox original's dual analogue controls, mind you, while the first screenshots suggest it's a bit of an approximation too.

Hardly surprising of course - the 360 version was extremely slick, and far more graphically intensive than it looked, thanks to that rippling starfield in the background.

Elsewhere on the mobile front, Sony BMG says to expect new challenge modes, but we only know the names: Untouchable, Survivor and Points Monster (you can probably imagine how they work).

The game will also offer local and networked leaderboard support.