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Star Fox DS rumbles

New details from Japan.

With Star Fox Command swooping to Japanese retail next month, Famitsu has revealed a few more details about the interstellar pest's DS debut - including the fact that it will support an optional rumble pack cartridge.

The rumble pack, as those of you with heads and eyes may recall, came bundled with the Metroid Prime Hunters and Pinball titles in the US, and also works with Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Warioware Twisted. If you've got one, Star Fox will give you another excuse to dust it off.

Aside from that, you'll find yourself zooming around 30 stages according to the Famitsu report (partly translated by GameSpot), featuring deserts, oceans and caves as well as the deep black of space.

Star Fox Command is due out on August 3rd in Japan and August 28th in the US, although there's no confirmed European date for it yet. As well as rumbling, it will also take advantage of Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service for four-player battles, while those of you who prefer to go up against people within ad-hoc distance can opt for eight-player battles.

Expect a review nearer release.