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UK shops to get Red Orchestra

It's out later this month.

It's been available via Valve's Steam service for a while now, but Unreal fans who prefer to buy their games from actual shops will be pleased to hear that Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 is coming to UK high streets later this month.

Red Orchestra is described as a "full-featured, standalone World War II first-person combat sim" that's "based on the most highly acclaimed Unreal mod ever made."

The game is set on the Russian Front during 1941-45, and you can choose from 28 infantry weapons or join the crew of 14 vehicles. There are more than a dozen maps to play through - all based on real life battles and locations.

Red Orchestra Ostfront 1941-45 is being published by Excalibur on June 23rd, priced at £24.99. A silly amount of further information is available from the game's official website.