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F.E.A.R. PC expansion

To be shown at E3.

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A brand new F.E.A.R. PC expansion pack will line up alongside the now-confirmed Xbox 360 version at E3 next week.

Vivendi's announced that F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point is currently in development for release this autumn. TimeGate Studios is handling it, in conjunction with original developer Monolith, which is thought to be working on sequels to the game - despite not having the official name to use any more since Warner Bros. bought it out.

Extraction Point will pick up from where F.E.A.R. ended, apparently, which ought to be pretty interesting given just how F.E.A.R. ended. Apparently you'll return to battle the now-free Alma and her minions across the destroyed city, with new locations, weapons and enemies.

All should become a bit clearer at E3, starting on Wednesday.

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