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X-Men 3, Iron Man confirmed

US dev needs programmers, too.

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Rumours that Californian developer Z-Axis is working on two new Marvel licenced-games have been confirmed with the appearance of a job advertisement on the studio's website.

"We are currently hiring top development talent to work on two major projects in the Marvel universe," the advert reads.

"Don't miss this chance to work on X-Men and Iron Man!"

The studio's previous games include Dave Mirra BMX and Aggressive Inline, and it's thought they were working on a xXx game to tie in with the Vin Diesel movie which was later cancelled because it was looking rubbish. Z-Axis also had a new IP in the works, according to IGN, which was also cancelled - all explaining why we've heard nothing of them for the last two years.

The IGN report goes on to say that several designers from the X-Men team are currently helping out at Luxoflux, since the True Crime: Streets of LA developer is struggling to fit all the new content into the sequel.

True Crime 2 is slated to launch on Xbox, PS2 and GameCube by the end of the year, with X-Men 3 and Iron Man following next year.

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