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Full Spectrum Warrior delayed

Let me guess - not enough flak jackets?

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THQ has confirmed in its quarterly financial report that Pandemic's Full Spectrum Warrior has been delayed. Although on the positive front, sales were up 35 per cent. Full Spectrum Warrior, though, is one of THQ's key "hardcore" titles, and has been on the end of widespread praise ever since it made its appearance at E3 last year.

The Xbox and PC title was originally due out in the US this March, but by the sound of THQ's estimates it's now more likely to appear on Xbox on June 8th with a PC version following in September. Over here it's an even cloudier picture, with THQ's press site still pointing at Q2 2004. Christmas seems like a safer bet.

As is often remarked, Full Spectrum Warrior began life as a simulation for the Army, aimed at teaching infantry tactics to troops (hang on, maybe that explains a few things - did the US Government buy into Pandemic's "totally realistic AI" spiel?). It was only developed into a commercial game when they sort of realised how good it was - like a tactical shoot-'em-up with an emphasis on squad management and strategic completion of objectives. It could be quite cathartic for recovering twitch-killers still in need of a fix...

...But to confirm that we'll have to wait and see.

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