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ArchLord becomes free to play

No more subscriptions.

Codemasters MMORPG ArchLord is to do away with ongoing subscription costs, which will no longer be required from the start of next year.

Anybody who buys the game from now on will have nothing to worry about, as the 30 days of free play provided will take you through to the end of the final billing period, after which it's all a bit moot.

4th December to 4th January 2007 will be the game's last official subscription period, and anybody who has pre-purchased game-time that extends beyond then is entitled to a refund. Those affected will find details on the game's official website.

On top of that, Codemasters will be offering free in-game credits to players so they can buy a range of tools from the Chantra shop to make things easier.

But Codies' decision to do away with the ongoing sub should not be viewed as a precursor to the game's demise, oh no - with a free expansion called Episode 2: Season of Siege due out in the coming weeks.

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