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Sam & Max pricing details

9 dollars per episode.

Individual episodes in Telltale's first "season" of Sam & Max will cost just US$ 8.95, the developer announced this week - with all six available for US$ 34.95.

As previously announced, Telltale's done a deal with digital distribution company GameTap, meaning that the first episode, Culture Shock, will debut there on 17th October before it's made available at Telltale's website on 1st November.

After that, the other five episodes will follow at monthly intervals, each enjoying 15 days of GameTap exclusivity.

And once they're all out, anybody who paid for the whole season in one go will be able to have a CD containing all six episodes shipped to them for the price of postage and packing alone.

Sam & Max's long-awaited revival will see the "freelance police" duo of dog detective and rabbity-thing trying to find out what's happening with a group of former child stars who've become involved in nefarious deeds.

For more on Telltale's plans, keep an eye on www.telltalegames.com, which will also alert you when pre-order options become available.