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THQ adapts Sopranos

GTA clone for 360, PS2.

THQ's bringing The Sopranos to PS2 and Xbox 360 this Christmas - and you'll be surprised to hear it sounds a bit like a GTA clone.

With a voice cast including James Gandolfini as Tony and other "key members of the all-star cast", according to THQ, the game will tell the story of the illegitimate son of "Big Pussy" - you - through a storyline that show creator David Chase collaborated on.

Playing as Sal's as-yet unnamed young'un, the game will give you the chance to demonstrate your allegiance to Tony Soprano - collecting money, protecting your turf, and carrying out orders from the likes of Paulie, Silvio, Christopher and Tony in familiar locations like the Bada Bing!, Nuovo Vesuvio's and Satriale's.

The Sopranos is apparently being handled by Fantastic Four developer 7 Studios, and will, of course, be making an appearance at E3 next week.