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id's future in next-gen consoles?

CEO reveals some of id's future plans, including possible PS3 and Xbox 2 support.

The future of Doom developer id Software could lie with next-gen consoles rather than PC, according to a report on GameSpot.

"That's really more of a financial question more than anything else," said id CEO Todd Hollenshead. "Over the past few years, PC game sales have either declined a little bit or stayed relatively flat, while console game sales have seen mostly double-digit growth.

"As for PS3 and Xbox 2 and so on, yes, we will continue our development effort on the consoles. John [Carmack] has been playing with the tech on the new consoles for a bit now," he continued.

"I obviously can't talk about that as it's all under wraps, but I think developing for multiple consoles will happen at id."

However, the developer's current project is an all-new intellectual property for PC, which Hollenshead confirmed as a first person shooter. "That's what we do best," he added.

Hollenshead also revealed that the Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil expansion pack, previously only available for PC, could make it onto Xbox. "It's certainly something we're considering," he said.

But the big news, for Quake fans anyway, is that the next instalment in the series will go on show at this year's QuakeCon.

"We'll have Quake IV multiplayer to play," said Hollenshead. "And because it's also the 10-year anniversary of QuakeCon, we'll have a few other suprises as well."

Free games and system upgrades for all, then! Or possibly some promotional baseball caps. QuakeCon will take place between August 11-14 in Dallas, but not at the South Fork ranch.

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