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Sony goes Fish

Sega returns to the ocean.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Platform helmsman Sony has hooked a new PS2 title underway at Sega Wow. In Fish: The Seven Waters and the Legendary Master (or Uo: Nanatsu no Mizu to Densetsu no Nushi to the locals), the player assumes the role of a fish in a reel-y big 3D ocean, brushing fins with various undersea creatures on a quest to eat, swim, survive and collect statues.

Unfortunately your fish will require you to maintain its depleting stamina and health bars, so you'll have to spend some time on the lookout for food. Bigger fish can actually eat you if you've been significantly weakened, but once you find a likely candidate, the e-fish-ient process of locking on with L1, chasing with X and eating with square shouldn't pose much of a problem.

Another fish-related activity available to the player involves pinching lures from foolish fishermen. When sufficiently strong, the player's fish can grab hold of a lure and then snap the fishing line to break free - you can even create a collection of lures.

According to the GameSpot report that drew our attention to the title, Fish is due out in Japan this summer, and you can get some idea of how it's going to look via this o-fish-al teaser page.

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