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Castlevania film?

With Paul WS Anderson?

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Paul WS Anderson will direct a big-screen version of Castlevania, according to Variety. The film, optioned by Crystal Sky Pictures, is due to start shooting in mid-2006, although there's no cast attached at this point.

The film will apparently deal with the origins of Dracula and the linked origins of the Belmont Clan. Good news for Castlevania fans then, or perhaps not - given that the last things Anderson did that we saw were Resident Evil (passable) and Alien versus Predator (like watching your Mum and girlfriend fighting over who gets to disown you first).

Konami had no comment on the Variety report when we spoke to them yesterday afternoon.

Crystal Sky apparently also has the rights to Tekken and Pac-man, of all things, although god knows what they plan to do with the latter. Maybe they can hire Uwe Boll, since he doesn't care much for actors (or plot, etc).

The latest Castlevania game released in Europe, Dawn of Sorrow for the DS, is reviewed elsewhere on the site.

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