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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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FFXIII video to show at TGS

Squenix also promises some new game announcements.

The PlayStation 3's Final Fantasy XIII will be shown off in video form at the Tokyo Game Show, and Square Enix plans to announce some new games too.

Although our friendly Squenix spokesperson was uncertain whether the FF trailers - covering both XIII and its pal XIII Versus - would be brand new, he reckons they probably are. It would be rather odd to turn up in Tokyo without something new to show, obviously. Like those new games, about which, obviously, nothing is being said yet.

The rest of the Squenix schedule is pretty predictable, but there will be a few things to watch out for. Dawn of Mana - or Seiken Densetsu IV - is the long awaited PS2 update to the Mana series, and will be playable at the show. As will Project Sylpheed on the Xbox 360.

The only playable FF mentioned is III on the DS, and XI on the PS2 and 30, but we're told to keep an eye out for Chocobo Magic Picture Book and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker on the DS. The former "could surprise some people" apparently.

There'll also be various videos - FFV Advance and FFVI Advance on GBA, and FFVIII: Crisis Core for PSP - and a host of mobile titles. Those being Dragon Quest Monsters, Dragon Quest: Fushigi na Dungeon, Front Mission 2089, Pokemate and Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden (Final Fantasy I to you and I).

We'll be at TGS of course, and we might write about some games while we're there. You never know.