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Blue52 refuses to confirm Stolen

Webpage? I see no webpage.

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London-based blue52 has commented on news stories last week that it is working on a PS2 title for Sony called Stolen, refusing to confirm or deny the game that appeared on their website last week.

"Despite these news rumours, we cannot confirm that we are developing a title for Sony, nor can we confirm release dates, genre or even if it's current or future platform; it is purely speculation," he said. "I can confirm that we are developing three high-profile console projects, to be published next year by major games publishers."

The developer's statement goes on to confirm that one of these titles, based on a proprietary game engine, is being used to develop a "technically cutting edge game for release in 2004," a description which certainly fits the "Stolen" bill.

Last week news broke - generally based around a page that sprang up here then quickly disappeared - that blue52 was working on a third person action-adventure title called Stolen based on some jaw-dropping technology.

However, blue52's Creative Director Craig Leigh has reacted strongly to reports that Stolen is more technology than game. "Oh no!" he apparently exclaimed. "We have one of the strongest design departments in the business and would only look to technology to enhance the gameplay experience."

Nevertheless, blue52 Technical Director Allan Murphy believes that the company's proprietary engine is very impressive. "When discussing technology I'm cautious not to go all 'infinite polygon engine', but can say that on release of future titles, we hope to raise the technical bar and consumer expectation of PS2 games."

Last week we speculated that the PlayStation Experience would be just the place to announce Stolen, if it does indeed exist (which it plainly does), and for its part, blue52 concludes its press announcement with the news that "more detailed information on all of the titles in development by the end of this year."

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