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Blue 52's Stolen Sony title

Website up, then website pinched.

Blue 52 is working on a game called Stolen for SCEE, according to various reports today. At one stage there was even a page on the developer's website at this URL, but this has since disappeared. Perhaps Sony rang them up and said horrible things.

Rumour has it that Stolen is a third person action-adventure (sounds more like an invention to me, mate!) for PS2, which is based around some jaw-dropping tech. In fact, reports today claim that Stolen began life as an engine aimed at pushing the PS2 and reminding gamers that it can still cut the mustard, and only recently evolved into something game-like, with more than a year's development left to go.

In any event, if Stolen is in any state whatsoever, Sony is likely to show it off at the PlayStation Experience event alongside ECTS, which last year debuted titles like The Getaway amongst others. Another game that might appear for the first time at PSEx is Guerrilla (née Lost Boys)'s Killzone, which is being hyped beyond all possible explanation elsewhere on the grounds that somebody somewhere once called it a "Halo-beater".

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