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Londoners: Perv at a Playmate

Ubisoft invites the capitalists of the capital to visit GAME and ogle Natalie Denning. Yes, we have a picture. Yes, we know this is a cynical attempt to get some extra hits.

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Chances are that anybody within the M25 at the moment is either cuddling up to a radiator or cursing the icy cold outside to some degree. If you're upset about the weather though, just imagine how poor Natalie Denning feels.

She's the UK Playmate plucked from the pages of Playboy to stand in Oxford Street today and help promote the launch of Playboy: The Mansion. Bit nippy, probably. We're guessing she won't be wearing this outfit, somehow.

Fortunately she can at least stand in GAME on Oxford Street, and by the time she does (between 1pm and 3pm this afternoon) the sun may have come out.

But we doubt it. Still, she'll be on hand if you feel like popping out [groan -Ed] and if you do head to GAME Oxford Street you can also receive £10 off the retail price if you buy before the end of Sunday 6th March.

As well you now know, Playboy: The Mansion turns you into Hugh Hefner, giving the goal of building up an empire by making Playboy into the magazine you know it to be and then building up the mansion to match; hiring staff, building fantasy areas and throwing lavish parties to rub shoulders (and other bits) with various VIPs.

We've already started our Hef-formation, thanks to the weather actually, wearing a fluffy dressing gown well into the day. Long may it continue.

Playboy: The Mansion is due out on PS2, Xbox and PC today and we should have a review soon.

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