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Nintendo announces pink GBA SP 'just for girls'

"Gadget girls" get their own gaming gizmo.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has announced a new "dusty pink" limited edition Game Boy Advance SP unit, due out this October 29th, in its attempts to capture the attention of "gadget girls". It should go for the same price as existing SP models.

Now, we were going to attempt to paraphrase Nintendo's thinking here, but instead we've decided we'll just leave them to it. Ladies, this is why you should care about the "Game Boy Advance SP Limited Pink Edition":

"A new breed of 'gadget girl' is emerging, and it is all about style. To mark the rise of this gadget girl, Nintendo has announced that they are launching a dusty pink variation of the legendary Game Boy Advance SP, just for girls."

"Already a hit with Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and Christina Aguilera, the Game Boy Advance SP Limited Pink Edition is small enough to slip into handbags everywhere and offers girls hours of entertainment - wherever they are! On the bus, on the tube, in the hairdressers - girls will be able to play their Game Boy Advance SP Limited Pink Edition whenever they need entertaining."

Next week: the Game Boy Advance SP Doghouse Limited Edition.

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