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EGTV: DoW: Dark Crusade

And this week's trailer is...

Taking a cue from the game's title, THQ has been on something of a PR crusade of late as it leads us on a whistlestop tour of Relic's second Dawn of War expansion.

The focus this week shift once more to the skeletal menace of the Necrons, one of the new races which feature in the Dark Crusade add-on for the PC RTS. Specifically, the brand new video clip now showing on Eurogamer TV shines the greedy light of inquiry onto the Necrons' ability to reassemble its dead.

Over to lead designer, Jonny Ebbert: “Don’t assume a Necron unit is finished just because you see him collapse into a heap of parts on the battlefield. You’ll often see the individual parts crawling towards each other and pulling themselves back together.

“But even when you damage a Necron unit to the point where it can’t get back up, the Necrons have a unit that can bring these dead units back into the battle. This unit is called the Tomb Spyder.

“The Tomb Spyder is a melee vehicle that can do serious damage in its own right. But the Tomb Spyder also has the ability to gather the individual parts of destroyed Necrons, and reassemble them into functional units.”

The new video clip highlights a nasty scuffle between Space Marines and Necron Warriors – with a brooding brace of Tomb Spyders lurking in the background to revivify the death-cheating Necron battalion, like an army of sci-fi Keith Richards.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade is schedule for a PC release this October, and you can check out the latest video right now on Eurogamer TV.

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