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Mosh with Mario

Swedish band borrows Nintendo tunes and takes them to heeeellllll.

This has probably been kicking around for ages, but in deference to games-blog Kotaku where we found it, we'll bang out a mention anyway: Swedish band Game Over has come up with various heavy metal compositions based upon classic Nintendo soundtracks. Say gwar to Nintendo Metal.

Sadly that doesn't mean an Ozzy-ed up version of Zelda's Hyrule symphony ["sadly"? - Ed], but the band's demo page does have some snippets from its 2002 demo, including a song called "Cataclysmic Clash" featuring reworkings of Mega Man 3 music. You can listen to the Game Over version and the original to compare. We prefer the original, in all honesty, but novelty is as novelty does.

Equally sadly, we couldn't get the Punch Out or Super Mario links to work, but a 2005 demo, complete with snazzy Mario-in-leather cover artwork, is apparently due online soon, and you can get hold of said Mario-leather-special with which to coat your Winamp in the meantime. We'll be sure to let you know. Or we'll forget. You know what we're like.