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Silent Hill DVD out in August

Blu-Ray version also coming.

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that the Silent Hill movie will be out on DVD, UMD and Blu-Ray this summer.

All three versions are due to arrive in US shops on August 22nd, with the DVD priced at $28.95 (£16ish). It includes special features such as a six-part production diary - you'll get to learn all about the origins of Silent Hill, the casting and set building processes, the movie's stars and the stunts they had to do, and how those crazy creatures were brought to life.

There's no word on what special features you can expect from the Blu-Ray edition - but they have announced it'll set you back $38.95 (£21). And, of course, you'll need a spanky new Blu-Ray player to watch it, unless you're waiting for the PS3 to arrive in November.

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