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SNK to support Wii, DS

Starting with Metal Slug.

SNK's pledged its support for Wii and DS, starting with a collection of Metal Slug arcade titles for Nintendo's next-gen home console.

Called Metal Slug Anthology, it'll be a "full arcade collection". Specifics are scarce, but there's speculation this means we'll see Metal Slugs 1-5 and the latest arcade game - which is absent from a similar PSP compilation.

It won't just be straight ports played the traditional way either, though Wii offers that option. According to SNK Playmore president Ben Herman, "The Wii controller will be used in a new and unique way that enhances the gameplay."

Meanwhile, SNK plans to bring SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters to DS.

Expect to hear more about those two over the course of E3 - and we'll let you know if and when SNK's UK distributor pals Ignition add them to the schedule.

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