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Hellgate becomes a comic

First issue out at E3.

Namco Bandai's announced a deal with Dark Horse to do a comic based on Hellgate: London - Flagship Studios' debut PC game.

Issue '0' (that's cheating) begins when MI5 agent Lyra Darius discovers a human charnel house in London while she's looking into what the former Home Office Minister was up to. Sooner rather than later she gets tangled up in all sorts of Knights Templar stuff in the build up to the Battle of All Hallows' Eve.

Written by Ian Edginton (Scarlet Traces, War of the Worlds web comic adaptation), with Superman/Preacher's Steve Pugh on the pens, issue 0 will be handed out at E3 next week - presumably paving the way for more as the game gets closer.

Hellgate: London, as you probably know, is a mixture of RPG and FPS with dynamically generated levels. It's being put together by Flagship Studios, which hosts ex-Blizzard talent including CEO/co-founder Bill Roper, who says the team "worked very closely" with Ian and Steve on the comic. "And since both of them are friends and residents of the city itself, the end result is a spectacular collaboration," he added. But then he would.

Hellgate's due out this year and will of course be at E3.

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Hellgate: London


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