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Autumn update problem solved?

MS reckons so. Says to call if not.

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The balanced individuals of the Internet were in uproar yesterday: some of them were downloading the new Xbox 360 autumn update and discovering that it broke their console completely.

Well, Microsoft's finally admitted that it's aware of the problem, although it describes the number of people affected as "very small". "We're working with each customer individually to resolve any problems. Any Xbox 360 customers who have any issues with their console should contact the customer service team on 0800 587 1102," a UK statement read, with US and Canadian owners advised to call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX.

Meanwhile, an update to the Microsoft-run Gamerscoreblog overnight revealed that the Xbox team has "replaced the installation code that was causing the majority of the issues that were reported". "If you've already successfully installed the software, you shouldn't have any problems going forward," he concluded, advising anybody who has experienced or is experiencing problems to contact the company through the numbers above.

For details on what the update does when it's not exploding things, check out the full list of changes.

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