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Seed MMO shutting down

Developer out of money.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Developer Runstone has had to give up on its ambitious non-combat role-playing-centric massively-multiplayer title Seed after the company ran out of funds.

"While we have received a great deal of interest, we have not been able to close a deal," CEO Lars Kroll Kristensen wrote on the official website. "The harsh reality is that we have now officially run out of money, and out of options, and therefore, we cannot pay salaries, rent or hosting fees."

Kristensen said that he hoped publishers and game-makers would draw "the right conclusions" about Seed, and not decide that its unusual premise was responsible for its demise. "One thing I would hate to see happen as a result of our failure would be a consensus forming that the idea about a non-combat, role play-centric MMO is a bad idea. It isn't," he wrote, emphatically.

"I am still fully convinced that a role play-centric game is not only a good idea: It’s a great idea. It just needs to be better executed. Seed has many of the right qualities for such a game, and I still firmly believe that, given sufficient funding, we could have created a great game. Unfortunately, we will never know."

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