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Guild Wars 3 already in dev

And probably out this year.

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There may still be a while to wait until Guild Wars Factions hits the shelves, but a third instalment in the series is already in development - and could be out by the end of the year.

That's according to ArenaNet's Jeff Strain, who sat down with Eurogamer for a chat recently. He told us that the plan is to release a new Guild Wars campaign every six months - and that "Campaign III has been in development since about November of last year."

He declined to reveal any details of the game, but did confirm that development is "already far, far down the pipe." Which isn't surprising when you consider that Factions will almost certainly be out by June - so if they meet that six month deadline, Campaign III should be with us by Christmas.

But just how will ArenaNet manage to churn out a brand new game every 180 days? Well, Strain explained, there are always several different teams working in parallel on different games - "So each of these new campaigns has an entire year of development, from a full development team, and they're released on staggered six month cycles."

Read the rest of the interview to find out what we've got to look forward to with Guild Wars Factions, what Strain thinks of the World of Warcraft 'gay guilds' controversy and whether we'll ever see GW on consoles.

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