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Fear and Respect cancelled

Snoop Dogg game is no more.

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Hip Hoppers around the globe will be left weeping into their glasses of Cristal today with the news that PS2 and Xbox title Fear & Respect has been cancelled.

Fear & Respect was billed as an "innovative action adventure game" based in "the intense, urban environment of South Central LA." The game was being developed in collaboration John Singleton, the writer and director of classic 90s gangster flick Boyz n the Hood, and Snoop Dogg was set to lend his voice and likeness.

Not any more, though - speaking to Gamespot, Midway CEO David Zucker said: "Fear & Respect is on the back burner. We are still working with Snoop and John Singleton to do a game, but the actual game Fear & Respect is cancelled."

So Singleton and Dogg are still working with Midway, then, but don't necessarily expect the game they're involved with to be yet another third person action/shooting/driving gangbanger.

Zucker reckons there's already too much copycatting going on in the games industry, stating: "I think we're at a juncture in the video game business. Everyone's talking about it. How many times are you going to give me the 16th iteration of... I'm not even going to talk about the other products. The 20th iteration of a driving game isn't going to keep the industry growing."

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