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Ridge Racer PS3 details emerge

14 player online races promised.

Ridge Racer 7 will support 14 player online races and allow you to customise vehicles for the first time when it makes its debut on PlayStation 3.

That's according to Japanese mag Famitsu, which has spilled a few juicy details on the upcoming Namco Bandai racer.

Online Battle mode will allow 14 players to go head-to-head or team up for co-op races with relay, time attack, team battle and pair attack options.

There will be 22 courses - or 44 if you count reversing the tracks - and a mighty 160 races in the main Ridge State Grand Prix mode.

As well as an Arcade mode with two-player splitscreen, Global Time Attack will allow players to face off with the online community and even team up, again via splitscreen, for time attacks in pairs.

In a first for the series, and perhaps in an effort to bring it a little more up to date, Machine Connector will let you pimp your rides. Tweaking performance, engine tuning, nitro, exterior customisation and more will be offered, with new decals available via Sony's online service.

A Ranking Browser will display data from racers across the globe, and UFLA Special Events will include content that can be downloaded to the console, although details are still foggy on that one.

Expect Ridge Racer 7 to be one of the big titles on display at the Tokyo Game Show - we'll be there and bringing you more details next month.

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