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UK Charts: Madagascar Not Out at the top

But good first inning for Brian Lara

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It was a good first innings for Codemasters this week as Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 batted its way up to the top of the Xbox chart, but the cricketing title was ultimately caught behind Madagascar's top order display in the All Format chart as Activision's film license effort held onto the coveted UK number one spot.

Activision's focus on summer movie licenses continued to pay dividends elsewhere as Fantastic Four jumped five places to No.3, leapfrogging Medal Of Honor: European Assault (no change at No.4), Destroy All Humans (down three to No.5), Cricket 2005 (no change at No.6), and Juiced (down four to No.7).

Wrapping up the rest of this week's Top10, GTA San Andreas drops one place to No.8, Lego Star Wars remains at No.9 while the spectacular God of War drops five places to No.10.

Elsewhere in a largely static chart, Take Two notched up a new entry at No.16 (No.13 PS2 chart) with the well-timed release of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory; yet another summer release that dovetails perfectly with the release of a blockbuster movie. The release of the Xbox version of Sid Meier's Pirates pushed the swashbuckling title back up to No.38 in the All Formats chart (No.7 Xbox).

In terms of how the recent crop of new releases has fared, Tekken 5 continued to punch its weight at No.14, Batman Begins dropped four places to No.23, Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack dipped nine places to No.26, Killer 7 disappointingly sank thirteen places to No.28, while Formula One also dropped thirteen places to No.29.

Next week is unlikely to see many significant changes near the top of the chart, with Worms 4 Mayhem being the only major new release appearing in stores this week.

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