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Bad Day L.A. details

American McGee goes all Michael Moore with a game satirising the US populace for being a bunch of scaredy-cats.

Legendary developer American McGee has unveiled more details of Bad Day L.A., his forthcoming game for PC, revealing that although it doesn't even have a release date yet he's already working on a sequel.

The game is an action adventure title which sees you exploring 10 levels set in the likes of Beverly Hills, Venice Beach and Hollywood Boulevard, all the while avoiding zombies, terrorists, earthquakes and plenty of other obstacles.

Speaking to US website GameSpot, McGee says he was inspired to design the game after spotting something interesting whilst taking a drive through LA one day. "There, hanging above the glitz and glamour of Sunset Strip, was a PC billboard that inquired, 'Bioterror attack. Are you prepared?!'

"And I thought to myself, "Uh, no." At that moment I decided to create a game about the current American 'fear culture'," he explains.

BDLA is inspired by classic disaster movies as well as recent historical events and takes place in "a Los Angeles that is suffering under every imaginable natural and unnatural disaster."

It's all designed to show up the ridiculousness of the fear and apprehension which pervades in America, says American, but without forcing The Truth down your throat.

"The game has a lot of political message to it, but unless you look hard, you won't really find it," he says.

"At the end of the day, we're working to make a great, fun game." So that's a relief.

The main character is one Anthony Williams, who McGee describes as "the ultimate reluctant hero... A man who's given up on humanity and himself." And also as "an early Eddie Murphy," so expect lots of one-liners. And a hilarious laugh.

"First and foremost, you're going to be assaulted by one of the most irreverent and insane central characters you've ever seen in a game," McGee continues.

"Beyond that, it's a very story-driven action adventure title. All movement through the game is about overcoming obstacles in humorous ways."

But the game is just the beginning, according to McGee. "You might see us developing this as a feature film, soundtrack, toy line, graphic novel, and possibly other merchandise.

"I'm a huge believer in 'tipping point' market dynamics," he added, without explaining what on earth he was on about. "We're also starting work on a sequel."

You can expect more news in May, since Bad Day in LA is likely to go on show at E3. The sequel probably isn't.