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Pac-Man World Rally news

It'll feature 15 classic characters.

Namco has announced that a new kart racer titled Pac-Man World Rally is heading to PC, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and PSP next year.

It's being developed by US studio Smart Bomb Interactive and will put you in the driving seat as one of 15 classic Namco characters - including, of course, the veteran pill popper himself.

You can expect the usual array of turbo boosts and power slide moves, and you'll get the chance to "gobble up your adversaries" along with all the Pac-Dots you can find.

Eating Power Pellets will give you the ability to take a bite out of your opponent, too - particularly useful for the multiplayer modes, which include time trial, grand prix and battle arena.

Pac-Man World Rally is out next summer.