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New Fire Emblem Cube vid

Nintendo Japan reveals more details of the forthcoming strategy RPG in a brand new trailer.

Nintendo has yet to announce a European release date for Fire Emblem on the GameCube, but there's a new trailer over on its Japanese website - take a look at it here.

Fire Emblem is a strategy RPG that begins in the kingdom of Tellius, where a great big war is kicking off. A soldier named Ike meets a princess who is journeying to Gallia, a land of half-men, half-beasts, and makes it his business to protect her along the way.

As Ike, you must lead your band of mercenaries through war-torn kingdoms, testing your fighting prowess against all manner of knights, mages and monsters in a series of endless turn-based battles. There's lots of scope for levelling up your characters and equipping things, plus an epic storyline told through plenty of pretty cutscenes.

Fire Emblem is out in Japan on April 20 and the US by the end of the year, and a European release - if there is one - looks likely for early 2006.