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Third expansion for Galaxies

Trials of Obi Wan out Nov 1st.

LucasArts has lined up yet another expansion pack for the one million-selling MMO Star Wars Galaxies, with Trials of Obi Wan pencilled in for a November 1st launch on PC.

Due for release on the same day as the Revenge of the Sith DVD and Star Wars Battlefront II, Trials of Obi Wan will allow players to "embark upon missions delivered directly from the spirit of the revered Jedi Master himself," says LucasArts.

Featuring more than 50 missions "from rescue missions to the exploration of a crashed Republic cruiser" Obi Wan will guide players on adventures that "span the planet Mustafar" - with some apparently that may tempt dark side devotees over to a "more virtuous path".

LucasArts also revealed "many quests also revolve around a prominent figure from Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic who returns 4,000 years after his prime with one simple mission in mind: Eliminate all meatbags." Interesting stuff.

The expansion pack will also be available via digital download, so existing users can grab the new content on day one without ever having to leave their PC. Marvellous.