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Acclaim adds Kreed to its growing PC line-up

Burut's PC FPS bagged by the resurgent publisher.

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Acclaim has signed the much-fancied Kreed, Russobit-M's first person shooter which puts you in the shoes of a "so-called legionnaire, one of the most dangerous warriors of the 3rd millennium".

The brief press blurb talks of a protagonist "marooned on a graveyard for spaceships, inside the space anomaly Kreed, a massive gravity field attracting everything in its wake, like a giant organism."

Apparently "discovering the secret to Kreed is the goal of the game" - and presumably shooting lots of bizarre alien creatures along the way.

Based on the 'X-Tend' engine, Kreed is being coded by Burut Creative Team, based in Voronezh, Russia. Bet you none of you have been there?

More on Kreed, my namesake, shortly.

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