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No Halo for GBA

Bungie smacks down daft rumours

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Halo will not be making an appearance on the Game Boy Advance, Bungie confirmed last week, quashing excitable Internet rumours which claimed that a handheld version of the multi-million selling sci-fi shooter was in the works.

Keen to put an end to the rumours doing the rounds, Bungie posted this brief statement on its official website: "Recent internet reporting has suggested that a Game Boy version of Halo is in the works. We can officially lay that rumour to rest.

"There is no Game Boy version of Halo planned, and none in production. It's very unlikely that such a version would ever happen for all the obvious reasons, and the less obvious reasons, that the ColecoVision talks fell apart and The Bandai Pippin version is taking up all our development bandwidth…" Bungie added.

Yes, very droll. Of course, even if some enterprising GBA developer tried to port the Xbox title to the platform, it would most likely be a mockery of a sham, so let's try not to even give the idea any credence, eh?

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