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Giz won't outsell PS2 after all

Says Virgin Megastores.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

High street retailer Virgin Megastores has told our sister site that the Gizmondo isn't going to outperform the Xbox and PS2 in the console charts this Christmas after all.

"I'm afraid the previous poll has been taken slightly out of context and is a result of uncertainty around several new product launches," Virgin Megastores' head of PR, events and local marketing, Paul Johnson, told

"Whilst I can't go into specifics, I think it's safe to say that the big three's consoles have outperformed Gizmondo."

Johnson's comments come after Virgin issued a statement which suggested that the Gizmondo would be the fifth best-selling console this Christmas, following the Xbox 360, DS, PSP and Game Boy Micro. Neither PS2 nor the current-gen Xbox were mentioned.

But now Virgin is hoping to clear up any confusion by stating that the Gizmondo isn't necessarily in for a bumper Christmas after all.

"We've had quite a reaction but hopefully this will make more sense to all concerned," Johnson said.

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