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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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EG's new download service

Get yourself some games.

Good news for those who like games, like Eurogamer, and don't like going down the boring old shops - we've teamed up with Metaboli to launch a new Games on Demand download service.

Go on, have a look at the shiny new website, where you'll see we're offering two subscription packages.

For £6.95 a month you'll get access to The Essential Collection, with 90 games to choose from - including the Prince of Persias, Hitman Contracts and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

Richer folks may like to cough up £12.95 for The Ultimate Collection, which gives you access to the full range of games and new releases. Recently added titles include Tomb Raider: Legend, Far Cry, Call of Juarez and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. GRAW and Hitman Blood Money are coming soon, amongst others.

"Our deal with Metaboli is exciting as it now gives our readers direct access to downloading and playing the best games on the market," said Eurogamer Network's business development manager, Patrick Garratt, who has four cars and a butler and a helipad in his back garden.

"The great packages on offer through this partnership give an affordable solution to buying top games over the Internet. We see this as the first step to offering brand new PC game downloads in the near future."

"Can I have a free sub then?" added Eurogamer Network's Ellie Gibson.

Eurogamer's Games on Demand service is up and running right now.

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