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PS3 to usher in Brave New World

Says PS3 developer Yamauchi.

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The PlayStation 3 will represent "the beginning of a world, different to that of what we have called "games" up to today" according to Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi.

"The PlayStation 3 is the first piece of hardware allowing photo-realistic computer graphics," offered Kazza in a special 10th anniversary Q&A sent over today "and is the first game hardware that can perform calculations for physics simulation to the level of our satisfaction.

"With a matrix of such elements, a new world of entertainment is about to unfold," he reckons, and went on to say "PlayStation is not just a platform, it's a movement," in a rare 'Zen of gaming'-esque moment to rival Microsoft's Peter Moore's wibblings at E3 this year.

In a slightly saner outburst, Uncle Kaz reckoned that the future of gaming "shift away from packaged products, to service via network.

"This will vary from casual and open loosely coupled services, to more tightly coupled services for MMORPGs," he added.


In other news, we will also all play next generation games with our feet, while dressed in silver suits.

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