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Project Offset details revealed

Multiplayer and next gen hopes.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The three-man development team behind Project Offset have revealed more information about their fantasy-tinged First-Person Shooter.

Offset Studios, which currently comprises of Sam MacGrath, Trevor Stringer and Travis Stringer, talks on its official site about the title's multiplayer features, with co-op being the prime concern, joining the solo, team, and deathmatch modes.

A player limit of around 64 gamers is being targeted, along with dynamically simulated deaths, destructible environments and massive events such as castle sieges, potentially taking place.

The five character classes that can be used are Human (multi-purpose/warrior), Dwarf (builder), Elf (marksman/stealth), Wizards (for area damage) and Healers. Each one can be levelled up and improved through experience points gained through missions.

On top of that, vehicles take the shape of dragons, battleships, horses, catapults and more, providing a rather enticing prospect for the game that the development team expresses a desire to also bring to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Sadly, Project Offset is still sans publisher or investor, with donations currently being accepted to keep things afloat. We'll keep you posted as things progress for this promising looking title.

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