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Ubi releases Black Arrow premium content

Assault Pack #1 available to buy via Xbox Live

Ubisoft has released a four-map premium content pack for Rainbow Six: Black Arrow, adding more multiplayer scenarios for Live subscribers to duke it out on.

Assault Pack #1 is available for $5 in the US (where it has been announced ahead of anywhere else, as per usual), which should translate to the usual £2.99 or 4.99 Euros.

For your money you get Killhouse, a small urban terrain training facility set in Hereford here in England, of all places, Winterlodge, a deserted lodge adjacent to a graveyard and forest set in Hudson Bay Canada, Petroleum, an oil transport depot set in Apha, Saudi Arabia, and Office 2, an indoor map set in, you guessed it, an office, apparently in Montreal Canada. Hey, maybe it's the Ubi offices?

So, if you're starting to get bored of the maps in Black Arrow, for a few quid this looks like it could be just the ticket.