Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Black Arrow

Ubi releases Black Arrow premium content

Assault Pack #1 available to buy via Xbox Live

Ubisoft has released a four-map premium content pack for Rainbow Six: Black Arrow, adding more multiplayer scenarios for Live subscribers to duke it out on.

New Black Arrow Xbox Live map

The first one's always free...

Ubisoft has released a freely downloadable multiplayer map for its budget-priced Xbox Tom Clancy-thon, Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow - which it also claims is the most popular game on Xbox Live right now - and plans to release a premium "Assault Pack" of four more multiplayer levels in due course.

Xbox gets Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow

Another instalment of online counter-terrorism, this time with Xbox Live 3.0 features, split-screen co-op and plenty more besides.

Either Ubisoft Montreal is growing, or they can walk, chew gum and develop about 15 games all at the same time. Whatever - once again the celebrated Splinter Cell studio is connected with a big Xbox project, and this time it's the next instalment in the popular Rainbow Six series, known as Black Arrow. It's due out in Europe this August.